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The Priority Development Assistance Fund or PDAF is a pork-barrel discretionary fund in the Philippines. The House of Representatives receives an annual PDAF of P70M while each senator receives an annual allocation of a whopping P200 million! The President of the Philippines also has what he calls a President's Social Fund (PSF) which is worth more or less P1 billion! Whew. No wonder people are willing to die for politics. Where do these funds come from? The hard earned money of the taxpayers.
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The US constitution authorizes accused that are poor and unable to afford an attorney to be represented by an attorney who will be paid from state funds. Legal aid may pay for some or all of the costs of legal representation in court. This is not applicable to all accused, but to a select few who are unable to pay for their defense.
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Criminal law can include a wide range of crimes. From something as seemingly harmless as disorderly conduct to first degree murder, all cases must be handled in court with a competent attorney. While it may seem hard to understand, there are and always will be laws concerning crime and exacting ways to deal with it.
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a criminal defense lawyer is hired to represent you if you are charged with committing a criminal offense. you can't go to court without a lawyer qualified to represent you if you expect to have some protection against those charges being used to make you a prisoner or worse depending on the criminal charge that you are facing in a criminal court.
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This is how totally horrified a community becomes after a senseless mass murder. This is a story how the most horrific crimes cannot tear a community apart. But it is also an article that shows how a community in crisis comes together in the the face of death and destruction. There are great human interest stories and as always there are heroes. This is mostly an article to honor the people which were lost
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In New Orleans, Louisiana, as in the rest of America, one moment of poor judgment can seriously impair an individual's ability to apply for a job, travel outside the United States, attend the college or university of choice and obtaining a firearm. It will increase future insurance premiums and destroy a reputation. While the best answer is obviously to not drink and drive, expunging a criminal record of the arrest can provide a small measure of relief.
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From time to time law enforcement officials will call upon ordinary citizens in order to assist with apprehending a suspected criminal. This is commonly known as a citizen’s arrest in which every American citizen has the right to only if they are the witness of a felony in progress. The point of a citizen’s arrest is to assist police officials with protecting and maintaining a safe community.
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Someone who has their juvenile record expunged is free to move on with their lives. Their case is sealed when they receive the order of expungement and it will be as if they had never committed an offence. However they must inform all the parties involved in their case when their petition is successful. For example the County probation Division should be informed.
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Expungement of Juvenile Records does not always require the petitioner to attend a hearing. This will very from case to case. People who applying for this type of action to be taken should follow all the required steps closely and get legal advice whenever something is unclear to them. Individuals who cannot afford a lawyer should see if they qualify for legal aid.
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Police powers of arrest and police powers of search give officers of the law a lot of control in society. It is important that they have a certain amount of control because that is how they help to keep the society as a whole safe. When law abiding citizens understand what their rights are under the law, it is less likely that they will act in a way that compromises their own safety or that of other citizens.
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Juveniles in the criminal justice system may be there for a wide variety of reasons. They may be on drug charges. They may also have committed theft or armed robbery. All these persons are protected to an extent because of their age. Certain provisions are made to give them a fresh start later on, if the court thinks they are deserving of it.
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Do it yourself expungement may not suit everyone; however some persons make the decision to represent themselves in an expungement case. This requires adequate preparation on the part of the person who will be making their case on their own. They will be expected to know all the procedures that apply in their situation.
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Have we grown so ill and devoid of morality that we deserve to have the largest prison population in the world? Are we at fault for the crime rate run rampant within the United States of America? Here in is a explication of how laws can create crime, create criminals and support the system of private prisons. The USA has turned a fact of society into a profitable business. Preying on those who are unfortunate enough to ever find themselves a part of ‘Justice.’
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The Indian Army General V.K.Singh has been in the limelight once again by racking up yet another controversy. In a press interview given to the Hindu recently, he leaked out a bribery charge involving a huge sum of 14 crores of rupees against a person representing a military truck deal that was pending for his clearance. According to him the said truck was overpriced and substandard without spares and proper service facility.
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Juvenile record expungement helps people who would like to make a fresh start in their lives. Some persons who cannot afford a lawyer may qualify for free legal services. People who plan to represent themselves in court should become familiar with criminal and juvenile terms which will be used during the duration of the time they spend there.
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