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Happy Ending Massage Not So Happy for Many

The happy ending massage parlors have taken many innocent people by surprise.

Happy Ending Massage

Many people while on vacation take the opportunity to splurge and get a massage. However, a new trend hitting Massage parlors may result in your getting or at least being offered a little more than you bargained for. It's called a happy ending massage and the police departments are doing everything they can to put a close down these businesses and put a stop to this newest trend in prostitution.

Happy ending massages put a whole new meaning to the full body massage and have resulted in making many unsuspecting clients being put in uncomfortable leaving them feeling sexual harassed and embarrassed instead of relaxed. While some of these businesses offer a “unique” massage experience other parlors actually have bedrooms for customers for convenience. The price for these massages run $85.00 and up.

While the economic slump has affected many businesses forcing them to offer new services and products to clients in order to stay in business, what these massage parlors are doing is against the law. Surprisingly many of them are operating right out in public and keep running unless someone files a complaint.

What is most disturbing about this new service line offered by many of these massage parlors is that unlike normally prostitution establishments where clients are aware of exactly what services are being offered, these establishments takes innocent visitors completely by surprise. There have been reports of both men and women going into a seeming innocent establishment and beginning a massage only to find themselves touched in intimate places and offered additional services.

Police are closing down these establishments by sending in undercover officers to partake of what should be a normal legal service and if the officer sees any signs of illegal activity he then makes an arrest for prostitution. However, the laws and penalties in these situations need to include charges of criminal sexual conduct as well since some visitors of these establishments have no idea what is going on and have actually been victimized by the establishments personnel.

Choosing to get the kinks worked out of your back or looking for a professional massage in no way gives consent to the masseur to touch you in intimate places or to proposition you for money. Being touched in this way can have a lasting psychological effect on a victim and therefore should be treated as a serious crime against an individual not as a victimless crime of simple prostitution.

This is more than a business offering an illegal service, it is the businesses of humiliating a person for profit against their will. For many the happy ending massage services offered are anything but happy endings.

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Comments (3)

Interesting read. I actually trained as Swedish masseur when I did my holistic therapy diploma, but I stopped offering the service to anyone I didn't know, after someone thought I was offering the kind of service you mention above. Not an amusing experience!

and that is why I will never go for a massage...

I agree, Brenda...or, I won't go for a massage when I don't know the masseur (spelling?). I've had friends who were massage therapists and I know they are totally professional. At least then you'll know what you are in for.